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Years Complete: 1-2   |   Program Cost: $-   |   Fully Online   |   Residency Required

About the Program

Admissions Requirement

The purpose of the JCTS Teacher Training Academy (TTA) is to prepare all people who aspire to become or demonstrate the potential to become leaders (ministry directors, prayer chaplains, spiritual healers, teachers, writers, scholars, or ministers) within Universal Foundation for Better Living affiliated organizations. Its mission is to ensure that all UFBL leaders are well-versed in the teachings of New Thought Christianity and the history of the Foundation.
The TTA is a 12-month intensive training program to which interested persons may apply for admission. Applicants must have the ability to demonstrate an elementary familiarity with Basic Truth Principles, Bible History, Allegorical Bible Interpretation, and the works of Charles Fillmore and H. Emilie Cady. They may be (but are not required to be) graduates of the JCTS Master Certificate Program. Upon successful completion of the application, entrance examination, and requisite screenings, applicants may be invited to become Academy students.
Over the course of the 12-month period (divided into semesters), Academy students would undergo rigorous training in the history of New Thought and the Universal Foundation for Better Living, Fillmorian theology, spiritual healing, critical thinking, and leadership. Classes are conducted through conference calls, webinars and correspondence assignments. Graduation from the JCTS TTA is contingent upon successful completion of all coursework and a written exit examination. Beginning 2018, students who do not pass the written exit examination after three attempts will be required to begin and complete the Academy program again.
Graduates of the JCTS TTA are eligible to become UFBL-licensed teachers and ministers. After a determined period of apprenticeship under an assigned mentor, graduates may teach Master Certificate classes and/or serve as lay leaders for specific church ministries.

  • ​​Approval of the Senior Minister of the UFBL center/church the applicant attends

  • Completion and submission of application packet​​​​ (including $100 non-refundable application fee)

  • Background and drug tests

Tuition & Fees


TBA (per semester)

TBA (per course) (Audit Work)

All tuition and fees are subject to revision at any time and are in USD.


* = Charges are non-refundable


This training program is available fully online and at our affiliate campus, Christ Universal Temple (CUT), located in Chicago, Illinois. CUT's Teacher Training satellite program was approved in 2017 and is open to applicants in the Chicago area.


The same application process, curriculum, and program requirements will apply. If you are interested in training on-site at Christ Universal Temple, please note this on your application and it will be processed accordingly.


This is an advanced 12-month program which requires a mandatory introductory orientation in addition to an on-site residency of up to 2-4 days total.


After completion of courses, candidates must also give an oral exam on-site before the Licensing & Ordination (L&O) Board as the final program requirement.

"Each leg of the UFBL's Teacher Training Academy 2018 has been a blessing. Each teacher has opened my eyes even wider to my possibilities. It is like being in a love cocoon. Every step with every course I challenge myself to new spiritual heights."

John Downey III

Los Angeles, California

We greatly appreciate your interest. Please complete the form below so that we can get your information over to the Program Dean. If you need any immediate assistance, please email info@jctseminary.org​.

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The Rev. Lameteria Hall

Program Dean