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Academic Journal: The New Thought Scholar

"When we follow in the tradition of the first great Christian scholars of the 11th century like St. Thomas Aquinas, and use the tools of informed discourse, lecture, research and commentary; when we meet the critical standards of scholarship and equip qualified practitioners to substantiate their Truths, we discover in the process that such depth of scholarship in fact illuminates our faith."


-- The Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin, D.Min
The 1st President of JCTS


"It is a milestone of maturity when a religious movement engages in serious self-study, when the movement produces trained scholars prepared to apply the methods of scholarship to its own history and beliefs. Thanks to the vision of the Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon and the intellectual hunger and fiery zeal of Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin, New Thought begins to reclaim its historic Christian identity and biblical roots at an entirely new level with this very first issue of New Thought Scholar."


-- Dr. Robert Price, PhD

JCTS Faculty

Spring/Summer 2014 Volume 1 - Issue 1

"Not Supernatural but Supremely Natural"

(Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin, D.Min.)

"The Church is Not Dead" (Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin, D.Min.)

Screening of What the Bleep Do We Know?  Sets the Tone for 2014 Spring Colloquium (Rev. Dr. Margo Ruark, Ph.D.)

"The Divine Spark – God Particles in Samkhya, Jainism, Gnosticism, and the Kabbalah" (Dr. Robert Price)

"The Invisible Link – What Does the God Particle Have to Do With Us?" (Rev. Elizabeth Rann Arrott)

"The Language of New Physics – A New Way to Attract Spiritual Seekers to New Thought" (Rev. Dr. Gloria J. Fitchpritch, D.Min.)

"The Importance of New Physics to New Thought"
(Rev. Margo Ruark, Ph.D.)


"Appendix: Quantum Physics Module Sample Syllabus"
(Rev. Margo Ruark, Ph.D.)


"Complexity 101 for Church Leaders – A New Vocabulary for Transformation and Change" (Dr. Cynthia Cavalli, Ph.D.)

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox in the Brain: The Transferred Potential by Amit Goswami et al.

Where Do We Go From Here?  A Summary of the Issues.

Fall/Winter 2014 Volume 1 - Issue 2

​​"Confronting Canonical Certainty on Christology"

(Dr. David Gasperson, Ph.D.)

"Was Paul Crucified For You?" (Dr. Robert Price, Ph.D.)

"The New Thought Concept of Hell" (Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin, D.Min.)

"Satan, the Soul and the Semantics of Suffering"

(Dr. Dexter Callender Jr., Ph.D.)

"The Future Fate of Religions" (Dr. Robert Price, Ph.D.)

"A New Heart and a New Spirit: Ezekiel’s Reflections on the Human Condition of Exile" (Dr. Dexter Callender, Ph.D.)

"Ernest Holmes – Mind Mapping the Genius of a New Christianity"

(Rev. Dr. Margo Ruark, Ph.D.)

"Mysteries of the Bible: Clues in the Papers of Charles Fillmore"

(Rev. Eric Page)

BOOK REVIEW: Alex Pentland’s Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread the Lessons from a New Science
(Reviewed by the Rev. Dr. Margo Ruark, Ph.D.)


BOOK REVIEW: Bart D. Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee

(Reviewed by the Rev. Gaylon McDowell)

Spring/Summer 2015 Volume 2 - Issue 1

"The Church is Not Dead" (Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin, D.Min.)

"The Genesis of Prosperity: How the Prosperity Gospel Changes Consciousness Looking at Bible Stories through the Lens of Hegelian Dialectic Theory" (Rev. Dorothy J. Wilson)

"The Prosperity Gospel: Divine Absolute or Material Artifact?"
(Rev. Dr. Gale Stewart, D.D.)


"The Austerity Gospel of Gordon Fee" (Dr. Robert Price, Ph.D.)

"The Prosperity Gospel Versus the Social Gospel"
(Dr. Keith Magee, D.Th.)


"Religious Science Clergy Apply Prosperity Principles to their Own Lives and Ministries: How’s That Working Out?" (Rev. Dr. Margo Ruark, Ph.D.)

"Tithing and the Science of Mind" (Rev. Dr. Margaret Stortz)

INTERVIEW with Dr. Kate Bowler

BOOK REVIEW: Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
(Reviewed by the Rev. Gaylon McDowell)

Fall/Winter 2015 Volume 2 - Issue 2
(Special Edition)

This edition contains transcriptions of some of the Panorama of Truth 2015 speakers.
Message from the Provost – Dr. Anna Price, Ph.D.

Rev. Charles M. Taylor – Senior Minister of the Universal Truth Center for Better Living, Miami Gardens, Florida

Beverley Manley Duncan – Former First Lady of Jamaica

Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith – Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International, Los Angeles, California

Rev. Edwene Gaines – Unity Minister and Author

Les Brown – Motivational Speaker and Author

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