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Ministerial Training 

PROGRAM START DATESeptember 2, 2024

Years Complete: 3 (min.)   |   Program Cost: $5,000 USD  |   Fully Online (On-Site Examination & Practicum)

About the Program

Admissions Requirement

The Ministerial Training Program integrates principles, theory, and practice that focus on cultivated peak performance, leadership, and success in the church. Students are given the tools to build a strong biblical, historical, theological, and ethical basis for ministry. Satisfactory completion of this program qualifies the student to be a candidate for Ordination by the Universal Foundation for Better Living (UFBL).

This program consists of 5 terms (a little under 2 years) of coursework followed by 1 to 3 years of completing a Ministerial Practicum and Project. The latter must be completed on-site and under the supervision of an approved UFBL Minister.

The Ministerial Training Program offers two tracks: the Previously Ordained Clergy (POC) Track and the Ordinand Track. 

This track is designed for people that are Certified, Licensed, or Ordained as ministers by other religious organizations seeking Ordination by the UFBL.

This track is designed for active UFBL Teachers in good standing.

Previously Ordained Clergy

Ordinand Program

Previously Ordained Clergy Program:

  • Knowledge of UFBL Foundational Principles, such as a Master Certificate

  • Proof of Ministerial Certification, License, or Ordination

  • Bachelors degree or professional experience as a clergy preferred

  • Recommendation from UFBL President or UFBL Senior Minister

  • Completion and submission of application (including the non-refundable $100 application fee)


Ordinand Program:

  • Licensed UFBL Teacher in good standing

  • Completion and submission of application (including the non-refundable $100 application fee)

Tuition & Fees


$1,000.00 per term

$5,000.00 for program

All tuition and fees are subject to revision at any time and are in USD. If required, payment plans are available.


Tuition does not cover administrative costs, course books, and travel and lodge for L&O Interview, and any fees associated with the student's Project and Practicum.


After completion of coursework (Foundational Principles, Christian Metaphysics, Ministerial Ethics, etc.), students will complete an on-site Licensing and Ordination (L&O) Oral/Interview recommendation to receive a Ministerial License.


Upon Licensing, Ordinands will spend 1 to 3 years completing a Ministerial Practicum and Project that must be completed and implemented on-site at an approved UFBL center under the supervision of a UFBL Minister.


Upon completion of the Practicum and Project, students will come before the L&O Committee again to report their project results. Successful completion of the Ordinand's project presentation will result in recommendation for Ordination.


For the upcoming 2024 cohort, the program is expected to begin the first week in September and conclude in April of 2026. Courses will be once a week, fully online on Zoom. Breaks will be scheduled accordingly.


The Summer of 2026 will be utilized to prepare students for their Licensing & Ordination Interview in October 2026. Official course schedule/calendar will be provided upon acceptance into the program.

"This process of becoming an Ordained UFBL Minister has stretched me and made me put everything I think I know about metaphysics and running an organization to the test! I am excited about going before the Licensing and Ordination Board this year!"

Jacqueline Hazel

Miami, Florida

Want More Information?

We greatly appreciate your interest. Please complete the form below so that we can get your information over to the Program Dean. If you need any immediate assistance, please email​.

The Rev. Alberta Ware

Program Dean

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