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Credentialing & Certification Department

The Credentials and Certification Department (C & CD) was created to maintain a system of examination, licensing, ordination, and certification for religious professionals seeking to become UFBL License Teachers and Ordained Ministers.  In collaboration with the Teacher Training Academy Dean and Ministerial Program Dean, the Credentials and Certification Department is charged with ensuring that potential teacher and ministerial candidates are prepared to come before the Licensing and Ordination (L & O) Committee.
The Licensing and Ordination Committee convene once a year to interview potential candidates in three categories:

1. Teacher Licenses,
2. 3-year Ministers License, and
3. Ordination


The names of candidates who have successfully passed the L & O interview, drug test, criminal background check and (where applicable) credit check are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

C & CD is responsible for the administration and tracking of continuing education units.  All UFBL licensed teachers are required to earn a minimum of 25 CEUs within a two-year period.  C & CD develops seminar/workshop where 16 CEU’s are awarded. In addition, C & CD is responsible for determining the related areas for which the remaining 9 units may be earned. The approval and awarding of units is determined by the Credentials and Certification Department.

Check the status of a UFBL Minister/Teacher HERE.

Continuing Education Department

The Continuing Education Department provides classes, seminars, workshops and training sessions that will enable UFBL licensed ministers and teachers to obtain continuing education units/credits (CEUs) to retain their licenses.

The department was created to keep ministers and teachers informed of new teaching and leadership practices and/or the latest developments related to our discipline. The UFBL is a teaching ministry, thus the continuous education of our leaders is essential to the success of our organization.

Sessions are held biannually and are sponsored by the Foundation. Classes are held on even-numbered years and will not exceed two days.

To complete the CEU Approval Form, please click one of the following:

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Rev. Evelyn Hill Coleman, M.Div.

Department Dean

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