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Non-Degree Seekers (Continuing Education)


No Application Fee   |   No Long-Term Commitment   |   Diverse Offerings   |   Open to All Seekers

About the Program

Admissions Requirement

The Non-Degree Seekers Program is a flexible, cost-effective, fully online, non-credit opportunity for independent learners. All courses, seminars, and workshops offered will have a New Thought or a broader metaphysical-mystical basis. 


All offerings will be designed to enhance the seeker's spiritual, mental/emotional, physical, relational, social, vocational, and-or financial health and development. This program is perfect for those who are unable to commit long-term to a program but desire immediate but substantive knowledge on a variety of relevant and practical subjects.


This program also encompasses our existing Continuing Education program, in which UFBL Ministers and Teachers can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The Dean of Continuing Education is the Rev. Evelyn Hill Coleman.

This program is open to all seekers no matter their background, affiliation, or denomination.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition: (per course)

$50.00 - $250.00+ (varies)


All tuition and fees are subject to revision at any time and are in USD.

Schedule of Offerings



All offerings (courses, workshops, seminars, and trainings) will be facilitated by qualified faculty members, independent researchers, and authors, and will vary in subject, length, and rigor. 


Courses, workshops, seminars, and trainings will be synchronous, meaning the facilitators will require meetings (phone or video conference) or assignments due dates on specific days and times.  Furthermore, some offerings might be offered as a larger series, such as Part II or Part III, and thus a longer commitment might be encouraged from students.


Some courses might qualify as an Elective credit (full or partial) in one of our traditional programs. If a student decides to enroll in one of our existing programs, then applicable courses that were taken as a non-degree seeker could be transferred into the program to satisfy certain requirements.


Note: Courses in this program are available to all students regardless of the program they are enrolled. However, it must be emphasized that not all courses, seminars, and workshops will satisfy the requirements of your particular program.

Need More Information?

To request more information on this program, please complete the form below, and the Dean will contact you back as soon as possible.

The Rev. Dr. Anna Price, PhD

Program Dean

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