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Course Descriptions

Masters Certificate Program

A systematic study of Jesus the Christ teachings and the Five Basic Principles espoused by the Universal Foundation for Better Living. The foundation courses must be successfully completed before a student is eligible to begin their Bible Studies.

Basic Truth Principles I: New Approaches for Spiritual Growth – Learn about new approaches to traditional Christian beliefs and obtain an understanding of New Thought and its fundamental aspects. Gain new concepts of God, Prayer, Jesus, and much, much more.
Prerequisite: None
Textbook: “Alternatives to Traditional Christian Beliefs, 10th Edition” (W.L. Fisher) and “The New Thought Christian” (W. Warch)
Basic Truth Principles II: New Approaches for Spiritual Growth, Part 2 – This class continues the studies that began in Basic Truth I by engaging the student in a broad study of important life questions such as, “Why do we suffer? Is there a remedy for suffering?” These and other such questions will be answered.
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles I
Textbook: “Lessons in Truth, Centennial Edition” (H.E. Cady)
Bible I: Introduction to the Bible – The student gains an understanding of the entire Bible from a historical perspective and examines what the Bible really says in comparison to frequently heard contradictions. The student shall explore the First Testament (Hebrew Scriptures), the Apocrypha, and the Second Testament (Christian Scriptures).
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles II
Textbook: “Don’t Know Much About the Bible” (K.C. Davis)
Bible II: Developing Metaphysical Eyes – The student gains knowledge of the Bible through the hidden and metaphysical meanings of proper names, keywords, and the significance of numbers and symbols.
Prerequisite: Bible I
Textbook: “The Hidden Mystery of the Bible” (J.E. Addington)
Bible III: Old Testament I (Metaphysical) – The student gains metaphysical knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures from Genesis to II Chronicles.
Prerequisite: Bible II
Textbook: “Let There Be Light” (E.S. Turner)
Bible IV: Old Testament II – Continuation of the study of the Hebrew scriptures started in Bible III.
Prerequisite: Bible III
Textbook:  “Let There Be Light” (E.S. Turner)
Bible V: New Testament I – The student engages in an in-depth study of Jesus from his birth, to his Resurrection and to his Ascension while engaging in metaphysical study and interpretation.
Prerequisite: Bible IV
Textbook: “Your Hope of Glory” (E.S. Turner)
Bible VI: New Testament II (Metaphysical) – The student engages in metaphysical study and interpretation of the New Testament from Acts to Revelation.
Prerequisite: Bible V
Textbook: “Be Ye Transformed” (E.S. Turner)
Principles of Prayer – Students learn how to use prayer and meditation as practices to peace of mind, to clarify of oneness with God and in helping others.
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles II
Textbook: “Teach Us to Pray” (C. Fillmore) or “Effectual Prayer” (F. Foulks) (The required textbook will be confirmed during registration.)
Principles of Healing – Learn the spiritual realizations to study and to apply to your mind and body in the process of healing yourself and healing others.
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles II
Textbook: “Jesus Christ Heals” (C. Fillmore) or “Christian Healing” (C. Fillmore) or “Perfect Power Within You” (J.E. Addington) or “Open Your Mind and Be Healed” (J. Colemon) or “Healing Letters” (M. Fillmore) (The required textbook will be confirmed during registration.)
Discover the Power Within – Rediscover the divine dimensions within you and recommit to living according to your divinity through the teachings of Jesus.
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles II
Textbook: “Discover the Power Within You: A Guide to the Unexplored Depths Within” (E. Butterworth)
Self-Discovery: “It Works If You Work It” – Gain proof of the healing presence through spiritual principles found in the Holy Bible and from the discovery and application by the UFBL founder, the Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon. Use the proof in your life to discover and claim your divine inheritance.
Prerequisite: Basic Truth Principles II
Textbook: “It Works If You Worked It, Jubilee Edition” (J. Colemon)
Advanced Studies: (one of the courses below will be offered per term) (Prerequisite: Bible VI)

A – “Do I Have the Power to Change My Life?” – Learn the 12 powers to live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life.
Textbook: “Twelve Powers of Man” (C. Fillmore)
B – “Talks on Truth” – The advance student of spirituality will explore 14 enlightening talks by Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore, to enhance their understanding of the metaphysical aspects of Christianity as a guide to spiritual living.
Textbook: “Talks on Truth” (C. Fillmore)
C – “What Does Science Have to Do With Spirituality?” – The serious student of spirituality must consider scientific discoveries and achievements to gain a more solid foundation about spiritual matters.
Textbook: “Atom-Smashing Power of the Mind” (C. Fillmore)

Electives: (Varies per term and campus. Furthermore, courses taken from other JCTS could satisfy an elective credit. Please contact the Dean for more details.)​

Master Plus Certificate Courses

A systematic study of Fillmorian Philosophy for students who have graduated from the Masters Certificate Program and who wish to further their spiritual studies. This program does not require any elective courses to be taken.


Session I: Prosperity: – This is the first of three classes designed to expand consciousness beyond the metaphysical to the mystical.  Learn Charles Fillmore’s 12 mystical lessons to transforming the mind to experience prosperity.
Prerequisite: Masters Certificate
Textbook: “Prosperity” (C. Fillmore)
Session II: The Mysteries of John: – Explore the Gospel of John from the metaphysical to the mystical in understanding the unity of God, humanity, and creation. Gain greater awareness on how to express your spiritual identity and how to live an extraordinary, spirit-filled life. 
Prerequisite: Session 1
Textbook: “Mysteries of John” (C. Fillmore)
Session III: Dynamics for Living: This is the last of three classes. In this course, students will explore the concept of “Practical Christianity” and learn how to develop their own personal methods.
Prerequisite: Session 2
Textbook: “Dynamics for Living” (C. Fillmore)


Note: The Bible is our primary textbook. We recommend the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), although students are welcomed to use any version they prefer. Further, the “Metaphysical Bible Dictionary” and “The Revealing Word” (C. Fillmore) are required for all Bible classes and for other pertinent courses.

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