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About the Seminary

The Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary (JCTS) is named in honor of a pioneer in the religious arena.  She has set the stage by her life and ministry for an innovative approach to preparing men and women to minister effectively in today's world.  Those of us who share in her vision are convinced that we cannot continue to "do" church in the same ways that we have in the past. However, to do it differently, we must train leaders who are risk takers and trendsetters.  These are people who are able to think outside of the box.


Additionally, the message of Practical Christianity is one of the best-kept secrets around.  It is time for the secret to be shouted from the roofs and within the halls of academia.  Such subjects as Allegorical Interpretation of the Bible and Spiritual Healing have been left to skeptical speculation.  Yet their roots go deep into the history of Christianity and continue to be practiced within the New Thought Christian Movement.  This institution will produce a methodology that meets the critical standards of scholarship and equips qualified practitioners.


Written by the Reverend Dr. Mary Tumpkin, the 1st President of the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary.

Programs of Study

Do you want to advance your scholarship in the Bible and religious studies? Do you desire a graduate-level education of the New Thought Christian movement? Do you want to be both intellectually and spiritually stimulated? Enroll in our competitive Master of Divinity degree program! (This program is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission International.)

Are you searching for a spiritual teaching grounded in Universal Spiritual Principles? Do you want to finally become acquainted with that still small voice within? Are you seeking a safe and inclusive community to ask questions? Do you crave practical techniques to a healthy, happy, and prosperous life? Enroll in our Master Certificate program and begin your journey to the life you were designed to live!

Do you enjoy teaching, writing, and researching? Do you enjoy interacting with learners? Would like to help us spread this Truth to others? Consider becoming a licensed UFBL Teacher through our Teacher Training Academy! Inquire for more details.

Are you being called to sacred service? Do you see yourself leading a progressive New Thought organization or becoming a greater advocate for the spiritual welfare of your community? Were you already ordained in another denomination but wish to move your ministry under the UFBL? Check out this program and start the rewarding journey of becoming an ordained UFBL Minister!

Non-Degree Seekers

COMING SOON! Are you interested in this philosophy but are unable to commit full-time to a program? Do you prefer Truth in smaller doses? No worries! You can apply as a Non-Degree Seeker and enroll in any of our non-credit workshops, seminars, and courses. Our offerings can be as little as one-day and will be taught by JCTS Faculty and qualified experts and professionals.



“My experience as a student of the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary has been one of intellectual, spiritual and personal growth.” 


—  Dr. Aubyn Jones, Master of Divinity Graduate

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