Master Certificate Program

The Master Certificate Program is a series of empowerment classes, to help students live a healthier, happier, and more prosperous life.

Courses in this program are open to anyone. You do not need to be in the Master Certificate Program to attend these courses.

To obtain a Master Certificate, students are REQUIRED to take the following classes:

1. Basic Truth Principles I

2. Basic Truth Principles II

3. Bible 1: Introduction to the Bible

4. Bible 2: Old Testament I (Metaphysical I)

5. Bible 3: Old Testament II (Metaphysical II)

6. Bible 4: New Testament I (Metaphysical I)

7. Bible 5: New Testament II (Metaphysical II

8. Discover the Power Within You

9. Principles of Prayer

10. Principles of Healing

11. Self-Discovery

12. Advanced Metaphysical Class

Students are also REQUIRED to take three (3) Elective Classes from the list below:

1. Before You Pray-Forgive (author, Dr. Mary A. Tumpkin) and Before You Think Another Thought (author, Bruce J. Doyle III)

2. God a Present Help (author, Harriet Emile Cady)

3. How I Used Truth (author, Harriet Emile Cady)

4. It Works If You Work It - Parts I, II, III On Prosperity  (author, Dr. Johnnie Colemon)

5. Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters (author, Myrtle Fillmore)

6. Spiritual Economics (author, Eric Butterworth)

7. Working with the Law (author, Raymond Holliwell)